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Hello, Konnichiwa, Ciao, Olá! 👋🏿👋🏽👋🏻

Are you itching to get out there again and see parts of the world? Thinking of traveling by yourself but hesitant in being alone the whole time?


Allow me to introduce myself and Wanderlily to all you women around the world who share the same interest as me.🌍


Hi! I am Daniella and I am the founder of Wanderlily. I am just like you, someone who is incredibly inspired to travel to different continents, countries and cities but the thought of exploring alone for the duration of an entire trip can be quite intimidating!


I dreamt of a global community where women of all ages can fulfil their dreams of solo travel yet have the option at the click of a button to meet up with other females in the same travel destination. So I created Wanderlily to offer a supportive and safe community do to so in.


Think of it as solo travel with a safety option!📱


Female Only Travel App

Don't want to be alone the entire time on a work trip?

Don't want to go out late at night in a foreign city alone?

Just moved to a brand new city and don't know anyone?

Downloading our Wanderlily app gives you access to connect and meet up with female verified users during your travels. We put the 'safe' back in "Safe travels" & "Have a safe trip". Being part of the Wanderlily community is an excellent way to beat the travel anxiety and just by a click of a button, you will never have to be alone.

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